In addition to showing off a radiant smile, maintaining your oral health is important for your overall health.  Recent research has shown links between poor oral health and cardiovascular disease, diabetes,  and even complications during pregnancy.  

Concept Dental's preventative dental program insures that patients are seen at least twice a year for a dental recare visit.  During your visit we will review your medical and dental history.  We  also want to hear from our patients about  concerns and goals regarding their smile and oral health.  

In addition, recare visits typically include:

  • A visit with your dental hygienist to clean plaque and calculus debris that cannot be removed with regular home care
  • A hard tissue exam in which Dr. Concepcion is able to evaluate the teeth and bone for disaese or decay
  • A soft tissue exam that diagnoses any gum problems
  • Any necessary radiographs, which  may help in the early diagnosis and prevention of dental decay (cavities) and disease
  • An oral cancer exam designed to detect abnormal tissue that may be a precursor or sign of oral cancer
  • A head and neck exam that detects any abnormalities, such as swollen glands or lymph nodes

Why Visit the Dentist Regularly?

Recare visits are an important part of your overall health.  Visiting your dentist at least twice per year will insure that you look and feel your best!