Restorative Dentistry

Restoring Your Smile to its Natural Beauty

We do our best to prevent cavities and dental decay. However, when we do find teeth affected by decay, we perform fillings, onlays, or crowns to restore your smile  to its natural beauty.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are used to treat mild to moderate decay on both front and back teeth.  They are tooth colored restorations that come in many shades which can be matched to your natural smile.  Once decay is removed from the tooth, the composite restoration is bonded to the remaining healthy tooth structure. Advancements in composite material and bonding techniques have made composites just as durable as their  precursor - amalgam (silver) fillings. 

A note about amalgam restorations:  Amalgam restorations have been deemed safe and effective.  We recommend healthy amalgam restorations - without cracks or decay- be left in the mouth, unless our patients express  esthetic concerns.


Onlays  may be used to treat moderate to severe decay on back teeth.  Unlike composite restorations, which are built up in the mouth, onlays are fabricated outside the mouth.  Once decay is removed and the tooth is prepared, an impressions is taken.  The tooth is then temporized until the onlay is ready to be cemented at the next visit.

An onlay covers the top third of the tooth, providing reinforcement and strength.  Onlays are typically made of porcelain materials or zirconia.  Advances in porcelains make them just as strong and durable as metal.  However, porcelain is more esthetic and can be precisely matched to your existing smile.


Crowns, like onlays are treatment for moderate to severe tooth decay.  However, instead of covering the top third of the tooth, crowns cover the entire visible portion of the tooth.  Like onlays, crowns are fabricated outside of the mouth, and the effected teeth are temporized until the final crown is ready for cementation at the next visit.  sCrowns are also made of porcelain or zirconia, They are made to exactly match your natural smile.